Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My first 4 games

Hi guys! I've had my first four games in two days! The first two were on Saturday, the day Blue and Gold was on (Boy Scouts ceremony) and the other two were on Sunday, and basically we played until we lost. Oh, I forgot about the other two games. We won the first one and lost the second, but I wasn't there because of the Blue and Gold. Back to the other two. So about the play until we lost thing - is that we played games until we lost one. So we could have played three maximum and we lost against the Orioles. They had some real fast pitchers, but that was'nt what made it hard, it's that we have to swing earlier than usual. And if we won that game we would play the Cubs, but now the Orioles have to do that. My position on the field is usually left field and right field. We have two great pitchers - there names are Brandon and Dawlton. I will tell you about the next games as soon as possible.