Saturday, December 6, 2008

My first entry

Hello everybody! Merry Christmas. My name is Ian, thanks for coming to my blog. This is a baseball blog but I'm just talking about my interests and hobbies. I'm writing this blog with the help of my dad. I am eight years old and please don't leave just yet. I am a lover of baseball and like sports. I have been playing baseball for five seasons. My seasons include Tee-Ball, Fall Ball Coach Pitch, Kid Pitch and last summer I made the all star team. I look forward to your comments below. Thanks again for coming to my blog. Please come again.


Paula said...

You are an awesome baseball player .... keep up the great work!! Look forward to seeing you play in your next season!!

~ auntie Paula

Lauren said...

Hi Ian! I think it is great that you have your very own blog! I will check it often for updates. Love you and miss you!

-Auntie Lolo

JTOG said...

Cool blog dude! =)

-Uncle Josh

Dade City Grandparents said...

Hi Ian!
We like you blog.
Keep it up so we can know what you are doing in baseball.